Overview of Services:

The Human Excellences Resource Group, LLC (The HER Group) is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and is headed by Emmanuel & Elianah Avraham. Our company is formerly known as (Amer-I- Can Academy and The Life Skills Academy - LSA).

The H.E.R group provides at-risk youth, youth in foster care system, sex offenders, human trafficker victims, and adults a support system driven by an emphasis on alternative and proper choices in order to lead productive lives and successfully transition out of the foster care system, juvenile justice system and the adult penal system.


1.) The HER Group provides support services (Behavioral Aides - WRAP Services) to include supervising, behavioral management, and transporting/escorting children, adolescents and teens as required through approved authorizations from the social services, individuals and etc.

2.) The H.E.R Group training curriculum is a cognitive human development, life management skills training curriculum that seeks to enhance the quality of individuals through developing personal skills in eight critical areas.

The effectiveness of The HER Group Life Management Training (Re-Entry Program) was measured using the rate of recidivism as a performance indicator. The HER Group showed a recidivism rate of 2.67% within a two- three-year period after being release from incarceration, compared to 35% of a controlled group that didn’t receive our highly effective training - returning within six months of release from prison. This is a ten-fold difference in the effectiveness of the HER Group Re-Entry Program. A second performance indicator –the degree to which participants have adjusted to life outside of prison after 2-3 years– showed that 86.3% reported they were doing “good” to “excellent”, based on a 5-point rating scale with 5 being “excellent” and 1 being “poor”.


3.) “Maharva House, LLC” - Child Care Institution (CCI) with focus as a Temporary / Host House - providing temporary housing for children taken into custody by States Child Services.

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Mission Statement:

The HER Group recognizes the need to assist youth and adults in overcoming a myriad of family life obstacles and gaining needed skills to effect behavioral change. The mission of the HER Group is to impact individuals by providing a support system that offers alternatives and choices that lead to productive lives.

Goals and Objectives:

The primary goal of the HER Group is enhance the life management skills of individuals in the community, including youth and adult offenders, students, and parents. The HER Group also has the capabilities to work with government and human services agencies. The HER Group strives to achieves its mission and goal by offering a training curriculum that seeks to enhance the quality of each individual life by developing personal skills in eight critical areas:

The basic 16 chapters, The H.E.R Group’s curriculum would be presented in the following life- management skills training curriculum that seeks to enhance the quality of each individual’s life through developing personal life management skills.

The training focuses on: Habits, Attitudes, Conditioning, Motivation, Goal Setting, Problem Solving & Decision Making, Emotional Control, Family Relationships, Financial Stability, Communications and Job Seeking Skills. Training Methodology employs the psychologically tested processes of Spaced Repetition, Dual Sensory Perception (Visual & Auditory Modes) and Group Interaction (18 to 32 participants per group).


The H.E.R. Group Training Effectiveness Improves Academic Performance.

Numerous studies have documented the correlation between increased levels of education and employment. As might be expected from the observed relatively high level of educational achievement of The H.E.R. Group participants, findings from independent studies regarding our training effectiveness. The H.E.R. Group participants reported having earned a High School Diploma/GED, trade skills, or some post-secondary education after completing our curriculum training. These results are antithetical to that which is found in the research literature on education and imprisonment. In addition, supportive evidence suggests that Returning Citizens (inmates/participants) who seek to become more educated are more willingness to participant in supplemental educational programs during and after incarceration.

Eight (8) Critical Focus Points built into curriculum improves academic performance:

1.) Participants matriculate through the components of the program, an emphasis is placed on mindfulness and the impact mindfulness plays in envisioning success and developing positive thoughts towards future educational endeavors such as progress and achievement, course completion, credit recovery and even graduation.

2.) Participants learn to navigate difficult conversations is especially important as participant’s transition back into school settings where they may be confronted with stigmas associated with having been away from school. Likewise, participants who complete this training are effectively
able to navigate tough peer interactions and avoid negative interactions (such as fighting, bullying, gang activity, and other negative activities) which may have previously been triggers. Developing a common language for success and being able to talk through concerns will ensure participants are ready to navigate school expectations.

3.) With the help of The H.E.R Group 16 chapter curriculum, participants will develop a success plan focused on school completion, employment, or military enlistment. Individualized plans will help participants conceptualize their future and chart a clear path towards navigating future endeavors and successes.

4.) Through effective role playing, participants will be exposed to a myriad of everyday problems. Working together, participants will learn how to make effective decisions and avoid the pressures of being stigmatized by past mistakes. Participants will be able to effectively identify problems, list alternative plans of action, evaluate options and ultimately delineate practical solutions.

5.) Learning to adapt to stress and keep pressure in control ensures participants are functional and productive under any circumstance. Focusing on the five steps of The H.E.R Group curriculum that focuses on “Conflict Cycle” and the four types of stress will help participants improve their educational skills and daily living skills. Many of our participants can be emotional for their situation of confinement; however, The H.E.R Group is committed to helping participants understand their emotions and keep them in check when confronted with conflicting emotions. As participants navigate through this area, they will learn techniques designed to de- escalate any situation and maintain a positive balance among positive and negative emotions.

6.) As many family units are not as strong as they used to be, many participants find themselves seeking the comfort of negative relationships and interactions to “fit in.” In many cases, the trust among family members is degraded as a result of trauma, betrayal or disappointment. The H.E.R Group focus on mending family relationships and transitioning participants back into families with a focus on consistency of practice. In short, students are taught to demonstrate consistent responses to build and develop gradual trust to ensure a strong integration within the family and school unit.

7.) Each participant is afforded the opportunity to develop fiscal responsibility by learning to balance accounts, learning about debt avoidance, and learning to set and manage a budget. Participants are taught the value of hard work and the impact of being vigilant regarding spending habits.

8.) Participants who matriculate through The H.E.R Group program will be trained in the same areas as adults considering it is vitally important that students are able to make an earning and develop positive habits. Specifically, participants will understand the value of money, resilience and self-efficacy. Participants will also learn how to effectively balance maintaining employment while continuing to meet school expectations.