Fact Sheet



The Human Excellences Resource Group, LLC (The HER Group) is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and is headed by Emmanuel & Elianah Avraham. Our company is formerly known as (Amer-I- Can Academy and The Life Skills Academy - LSA).

The basic 16 chapters, The H.E.R Group’s curriculum would be presented in the following human development – cognitive life management skills training curriculum that seeks to enhance the quality of each individual’s life through developing personal life management skills. Our training is applicable to youth offenders, adult female and male, juvenile justice, adult incarcerated individuals, etc.

The heart of The HER Group Services success is our unique staff.  They comprise individuals who have experienced the same exact circumstances as the youth to be serviced.  They have walked in their shoes.  It is essential that instructors maintain a standard of empathy and understanding in order to affect the success that is inevitable.  Our instructors have a genuine regard for our youth and know that one must maintain feelings of respect for their feelings, positive expectations, discipline (training that develops self-control, efficiency and character), attention, compliments and consistency is critical to their ultimate success.  

The training focuses on:

1. Motivation, Habits, Attitudes & Conditions

2. Goal Setting, Education

3. Problem Solving & Decision Making

4. Emotional Control

5. Family Relationships

6. Financial Stability

7. Communications, Conflict Resolution

8. Job Seeking Skills

9. Substance Abuse

The H.E.R. Group operates within the structure of self-help, peer group relationship. Guided by a instructor, the training methodology consists of: Training Methodology employs the psychologically tested processes of Spaced Repetition, Dual Sensory Perception (Visual & Auditory Modes) and Group Interaction (18 to 32 participants per group).


1. Phase I & Phase II (Audio/Visual Presentations)

2. Critical Issues Process

3. Controlled Discussion  


The H.E.R. Group, LLC has an outstanding record of achievements and a vision for human development through life skills training/workshops throughout the community. Socioeconomic problems are the great plague of our time. The destruction of our educational system, poverty, gang killings, drug abuse, political corruption, joblessness and poor housing are only a few problems we are facing at the national, state and community levels. This is a global human problem and the solution lays in redeveloping lives within our communities. The H.E.R. Group LLC has identified a need to address various issues relating to families separated by incarceration and a need to provide services to children and parents who are incarcerated in order to eliminate the vicious cycle of human and social destruction. This is why The H.E.R. Group LLC is dedicated to rebuilding individuals and families one person at a time, one family at a time.

The HER Group believes that if you can change a person’s thought process and teach human development through soft skills and therapy, you can change that person’s life and help them to achieve goals towards success. Human Excellence is the tool.